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We created The Personal Photography Project (TPPP for short) as a resource for discovering authentic passion projects by photographers.

You should use this site if: you are an Art Buyer, an Art Producer, a Photo Editor, a Director of Photography, an Art Director, an Art Gallerist, a Curator, or any other creative person (even "uncreative", but give yourself some credit) who hungers for new photography and photographers with a point of view.

People always tell photographers that they should shoot more personal work (sometimes called portfolio work, though TPPP is much more than that) to attract more satisfying, creative, professional work. And yet there’s not been a place to solely showcase and explore personal projects — and show them in full.

Until now.

Projects range from heavy-hitting photojournalism, to travel, to conceptual color excursions, to anything you can name.

Some projects may have begun as fine art, others as book ideas, and others borne from a personal experience that they just had to translate into a visual medium.


You can discover a growing archive of photo projects and photographers in many ways on TPPP:

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You can filter the results by Category:

  • SPECIALTY: what photographic style it was shot in
  • THEMES: helps you think more conceptually
  • CITY / STATE / COUNTRY: where the project was shot
  • USE: filter out work that's licensable for Advertising, Editorial, or photographs that are ready/available for fine art printing and display
  • MOTION helps you discover projects that have also been shot or post-processed as motion pieces (video and gif)
  • KEYWORDS if you want to window-shop ideas


Once you find a project that seems like the right fit, click on the thumbnail to visit the project's page, which includes:

  • Thumbnails of the entire project
  • A full-size slideshow of the images (when you click on any thumbnail)
  • Detailed descriptions of the project
  • When and Where it was shot
  • Keywords to summarize the content: Click on them to find all projects with the same keyword
  • Photographer's contact info, in case you want to license their work  — or hire them to do something similarly inspired
  • A link to see all of the photographer's projects on TPPP, plus learn more about them


You may want to publish the images in a magazine, for an ad campaign, for branding, even fine art use —it's totally up to you. You are welcome to contact the photographers directly: we are not an agency.

However, if you need help finding something special, you can directly contact our photo researchers and producers.

We can help you, by:

  • Searching on TPPP when you don't have the time, but your client can't wait
  • Reaching out to our network of photographers, finding work that may not (yet) be on our site. We'll send you a gallery of what we've found
  • Putting together licensing contracts
  • Producing or otherwise helping you set up shoots with one, two, or more of our photographers — something useful for multi-location shoots

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Or, if you'd prefer to talk about a project, introduce yourself, or just have us show you the value of the site over a screenshare, please do reach out right now!