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Ghosts - Capturing the Ephemeral to Calm a Racing Mind


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I have always loved really minimalist art. I love trying to get right to the essence of something or someone without a lot of extra…well, distractions. I remember learning the term "eloquence" in high school gemoetry, and loving the concept. To create something with the minimal amount of information and still have it communicate the intent.  


I recently was diagnosed with ADHD, something I had long suspected. It has been revolutionary in understanding my mind and what motivates me and why. I have learned more about myself in the process as my further understadning of ADHD has revealed to me ways of thinking, my need for new stimulation, the desire to control an environment and in some ways to freeze a moment in an effort to bring focus and clarity to myself. Whether that means freezing rapid movement or catching a fleeting expression upon someone's face, it allows me to stop and feel and understand what is happening around me so rapidly. ADHD is a super power. I love my mind and how quickly I can find new ideas and solutions, but it can be like "driving a Ferrari with bicycle breaks". As I've learned to manage ADHD, I learn how it shapes my vision.  


Ghosts are ephemeral. A fleeting figure in the corner of one's eye, a haze, a wisp...a shadow. With ADHD, everything is ephemeral. One moment to the next, my focus can be redirected, a thousand ideas can pass through my mind, impulsive thoughts or speech can propel me in an unintended direction, flowing out while I try to hang on, pull them back. Photography allows me to control the idea, to harness the ephemeral and infuse it with my values, the awe of a dancer's ability, the aesthetic and questions of form, line, color and culture and why they mean something to all of us. In retrospect, looking back at my work, I realize this as a driving concept and theme. Whether capturing movement or stillness, I want to get a deeper look at that which I cannot hold onto. My Face Series is a deep look into faces, in a way we can't do so in everyday encounters. I'm learning how important this is to me.  


The wonderful dancers who have participated in this series have been ideal collaborators the process of exploring movement, shape and color. Each has been photographed a little differently as I explore the possibilities of this subject. And, each dancer has brought something surprisingly unique as they improvise and develop forms to meet the challenge.

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