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Rachelle's passionate photography comes from a place born of her Northern California mountains and 10 years sailing the seas in the Navy. It was after her time in the service that she turned to her original love of photography and learned how to express the deep emotions that take life in a veterans heart.  She is most known for dynamic black and white environmental portraiture and cherishes the conversation with the unknown viewer. Many miles of road running are devoted to thinking about projects and promising lost shipmates that she'll live her photographic life passionately and without reservation.


Fine Art


2022              APA SF Something Personal Contest, First Place  

2022              International Portrait Photographer of the Year Top 101  

2022              Lucie Foundation CARTE BLANCHE, Portrait Category  

2022              Artist Residency, Green Olive Arts, Tetouan, Morocco  

2021               Annual Photography Awards, Portrait Award  

2021               International Portrait Photographer of the Year Top 101  

2021               Lucie Foundation 2021 Scholarship, Photo Made, Shortlist  

2021               Hahnemuehle Student Competition Winner  

2021               Best of Show Portfolio Award, Academy of Art Spring Show, Masters Portfolio  

2020              Major Herman V. Wall Award, Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIII  

2019               Best of Show Portfolio Award, Academy of Art Spring Show, Bachelors Portfolio

Gallery Shows:

Solo Exhibitions   

2022                Artist Residency Exhibition, Green Olive Arts Gallery, Tetouan, Morocco  

2019                AAU Best of Show Portfolio, “Captured”, 625 Gallery, San Francisco, CA   

2019                “Black and White”, Space 07, Sacramento, CA  

2018                “Vintage Notions”, 625 Gallery, San Francisco, CA  


Group Exhibitions and Publications   

2022                Fall 2022 International Photography Hall of Fame Juried Contest, St. Louis, MO  

2022                Council on Aging Southern California, Bowers Museum, Santa Anna, CA  

2021                SF Fleetweek Photographers Exhibition, 625 Gallery, San Francisco, CA  

2021                Academy of Art Spring Show, San Francisco, CA   

2020               Council on Aging So. CA, John Wayne Airport, Bowers Museum, Santa Anna, CA  

2020               Ghiradelli Christmas Tree Festival, Ghiradelli Square, San Francisco, CA  

2020               The Performer International Exhibition, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, Italy  

2020                12th Annual NUDE Group Exhibition, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH  

2020               H20, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA  

2020                Academy of Art Spring Show, San Francisco, CA  

2019                Vogue Italia, published, Alexandria at the Wind Caves  

2018/19           SF Fleetweek Veterans Exhibition, Atelier Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Select Clients:

International Portrait Photography of the Year  

International Photography Hall of Fame  

Vogue Italia


2022               Photo Plus, The Canon Magazine,  Issue 197  

2022               Vogue Italia, published, Atlas Mountains Daredevil, Scent of Morocco  

2021                Vogue Italia, published, Iliana a the Maousolem   

2020               Daily Mail UK, Shelter in Place Project, article by Dusica Sue Malesevic

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