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Amy Feitelberg, Part 1

Photo Creative Lead at Square (formerly Photo Director of Outside and Los Angeles magazines) — Part 1

Episode Summary

Amy Feitelberg, Photo Creative Lead at Square, is a great interview for so many reasons. I love that she's had her feet in both the branding and magazine worlds. Brands like Apple, HBO, as well as Square, are hiring people with editorial experience. She’s produced great work for magazines, while Photo Director of Outside and Los Angeles magazines — and now at Square’s in-house mag, The Reader. Plus, she’s founding Curator of Images For Humanity — a photo charity supporting Ukraine that involves an amazing list of photographers. This is Part 1 of our discussion: I recommend starting on this episode first, and then listen to Part 2. It’ll make more sense that way.

Episode Notes

Amy Feitelberg, Photo Creative Lead at Square, former Photo Director of Outside and Los Angeles magazines, plus a founding Curator for Images For Humanity — a photo charity supporting Ukraine.
Check out her tasty tearsheets and background on Amy’s portfolio site. Seriously, she’s worked with everyone.

This is Part 1 of 2 episodes interviewing Amy. Start with this one! The following notes include references to both parts, fyi. Don’t miss the links at the bottom, to follow along at home with visual aids.

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We touch on so many different brands and publications (many of which she’s worked at, or knows the creatives):

  • Square (and The Reader, it’s in-house publication)
  • Apple
  • Outside magazine
  • Los Angeles magazine
  • The New York Times Magazine
  • New York magazine
  • INQUE magazine
  • Aphotoeditor

My gosh, we bring up so many creatives, photo editors, photographers and artists — most of whom she’s hired or worked with:

  • Mary Ellen Mark
  • Carlos Serrao
  • Frank Ockenfels
  • Laurie Kratochvil
  • Kwaku Alston
  • Herb Ritts
  • Jill Greenberg
  • Andy Anderson
  • Rob Haggart
  • Dan Winters
  • Emily Shur
  • Art Streiber
  • Arem Duplessis
  • Matt Willey
  • Landon Nordeman
  • Daniele Gasparini

In our discussion today, Amy and I talk about many things. If your podcast app shows chapters — well check ‘em out, because I added them! Otherwise, here’s a list of topics discussed:

  • She's My First Post-Pandemic Interview
  • Taking Rob Haggart's Job
  • Aphotoeditor blog
  • How She Finds Photographers
  • Authenticity in Branding and Advertising
  • Photography Vs. Illustration Vs...
  • CGI
  • Branding Vs. Magazine World (and how she's navigated BOTH)
  • The Value of Storytelling
  • Why Are Magazines Failing?
  • Leaving the Editorial World
  • The Reader: A Magazine Built for a Brand
  • Magazines Without Ads
  • City and Regional Magazines
  • Can You Swear On This Podcast?
  • Copyright Issues
  • This and much, much more.

More things discussed in episdoe

Originally Aired:
December 8, 2022

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